Virtual Security Guard offers an all-in-one state of the art off-grid solar powered, portable security hire system. By using the latest artificial intelligence technology, our security system is designed specifically to recognise and deter both intruders and vehicles from premises, making Virtual Security Guard system ideal for construction and civil build sites, businesses and remote areas such as construction compounds and farms.

The Virtual Security Guard system is a multifaceted device which ensures clients receive all their monitoring needs through one product. The system’s exterior has been skilfully designed to be highly visible in all applications, gaining fast attention to the presence of security cameras, assisting in deterring people prior to entering the site. Additionally, this system has the capability to allow clients to view numerous jobsites through the use of the app, making it ideal for remote project management. This tool encourages safety and productivity through monitoring and ensures on-time deliveries or deadlines are met, without having to be onsite.

In conjunction with your liability insurance, our system recordings are a great way to protect your business from injury and property claims. With the cloud based server which stores recordings, we have that ability to provide customers with information of up to four weeks of previously recorded data, allowing for any site dispute resolution to be resolved promptly.

Furthermore, our system is ideal for capturing footage of beginning-to-end builds through recorded Time Lapse option, which can be used for clients promotional materials. The abundance of features that our system offers is ultimately aimed to positively contribute to protecting your valuable assets.

24/7 secure monitoring of sites, which is continuously supervised by a grade A1 monitoring centre. Using visual verification, the specialised security staff rapidly determine the level of Police and Security response required, resulting in fast apprehensions.

Virtual Security Guard offers multiple packages for hire, specifically designed to clients requirements. Further information on the inclusions of these packages can be found below, or by contacting us on the provided contact information.

At Virtual Security Guard, our professional staff understand the importance of protecting your assets therefore, we want to ensure each job site is securely monitored to significantly reduce the risks of theft and vandalism from any unwanted visitors.

To complete this task, our staff conduct an analysis of each and every job site to optimise security for sites prior to camera installation. By undertaking this step, we ensure that clients receive paramount security surveillance, resulting in the protection of their construction assets.

Virtual Security Guard communicates efficiently with all clients, by informing them of all intruders that attempt to access the site. All intruder alerts will be promptly forwarded to the police and follow-ups will be reported to the clients. Additionally, daily photos of site progression can be forwarded to an elected email address if desired