Our Services

24/7 Video Recording

High Definition video recording with advanced motion detection and infrared night vision capabilities. HD video stored up to 4 weeks. Recordings aid in workplace liability, worksite compliance and safety.

Audible & Visual Alerts

Upon activations, siren/alert and strobe will be activated in order to deter intruders. Our system allows for pre-recorded messages to be used during activations.

Prevents Theft & Vandalism

Site intrusion recording are immediately provided to the Police in order to catch and prosecute criminals accordingly. The AI technology eliminates false activations, which decreases the cost incurred by Police and Security response.

User Friendly App

The ability to view all your cameras live from the smart phone app 24/7. The app allows for still photos to be captured and stored to your smart device.

Time Lapse Video

Videos highlighting your site build from beginning to end. The time lapse option is designed to allow for photos to be taken at customised timing throughout the build.

Alarm Activation Storage

Virtual Security Guard stores alarm activations through a secure Cloud feature. This practice enables activation footage to be stored offsite in case of damage to the VSG system by Intruders.

Security Monitoring

Cameras monitored by our security control centre 24/7, for instant visual verification of intruders.

4G System

The use of Telstra’s sophisticated LTE advanced technology which combines multiple 4G networks to create an advanced stable connection.

Solar Panel Operated

Complete off-grid solar powered system, meaning no onsite power ever required. This makes the system ideal for Construction Compounds of remote areas, securely installed but small enough to be removed from limited space after builds.

Tamper Resistant

Our cameras have been specifically designed to withstand any intentional tampering, banging or moving of the camera, resulting in alarm activations to deter individuals.

Virtual Security Guard Support

Specialist Technician to install on site, maintain and remove.

Custom Options

We offer a range of packages to choose from. Each package can also be altered to specifically meet your operational needs. We will work with you to create your perfect tailored made package.